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We are back…

26 Jun

Hello Ladies and gentlemen, We are glad to announce that we are done with school and we are back into business, right now we are in the middle of been done with episode 2 ,and because there was some stuff wrong with episode one we are going to redo it, there were some spelling errors and some other stuff but no worries we are all set to release the episodes, we will do our best to get at least one of them done by the end of the week…have a good weekend…

Shiki 1 شیکی

4 Jun

This is Episode 1 in 1080p  (the file is 1Gb, we are trying to upload it into mediafire in multiple file parts)

.ئەمە حەڵقەی یەکە بە  ١٠٨٠ فایلەکە ١گیگابایتە چونکە دیقەی بەرزە، فایلەکەمان کردووە بەچەند بەشێکەوە و ئەپڵۆدی ئەکەینە (میدیافایەر)ەوە (١٠) بەشە

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Site Mirror

3 Jun


We have a second website. basically a mirror: